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Ocean wind generator 1000w

Ocean wind generator 1000w
Product Detailed
low started windmill 1m/s , 3m/s--20m/s wind speed as charging range 300-1000w output, max from 470--1300w output.1.47m diameter

1.Choose installation siteThe installation site is very important to power generating capacity and safetyoperation. Please find the following information for your reference:A good installation site should contain two basic characteristics: high average windspeed and low turbulent flow.(1)Wind energy is in direct proportion with the third power ofwind speed.(Forexample, wind energy of 5m/S wind speed is almost two time of 4m/s.

(2)If the current is not stable and there is hard turbulent flow in installation site, theaerogenerator will be easy to damage. It is bad for the aerogenerator to keep running allthe time. What’s more, the turbulent flow will also decrease the power generatingcapacity. So, the site with high turbulent flow is not suitable for installation. The pole ofaerogenerator can be as high as possible, because the higher it is ,the higher the windspeed will be, and the air current will be more stable. Where there is flat area, the heightof aerogenerator we recommend is at least 6m. Trees and other buildings can beobstacle to air current. Air current can form a wide retarder and mussy air current areabefore or behind the obstacles. So the bubine should not install in such area.The following data is for reference:(1)The pole should be 6m higher than the highest obstacle of 200m away.(2)If the aerogenerator must be close to obstacles, the pole must be two times highof the obstacle,and it must be 12m or above. Of caurse, it should also pay attention tothe relating local laws.

2.Instruction on pole construction

 (1)Common independent construction drawing(300W-500W)

(2)According to the situation of installation site, the constructionway should be:If the groundwork is with hard stone, it can be made level off first.If the groundwork is soft soil, please tamp the ground with squareof 0.8Mx0.8Mx1M,to avoid the ground sinking.If groundwork is soft with sand,dig a hole of 0.8m*0.8mx1.2 m,spread thick of 40cm on the bottom and make it solid, then spread withthick of 20cm concrete. (3)The machine installation illustration


(4)Connection illustration of controller


3. The machine installation illustration  


Notice: When intalling fan blade, first please make the plane side windward,and camber side backward, that’s facing the machine. And use 9pcs screws for fixing.Adjust the length between the 3pcs fan blades by using string, and make sure thedistance between blades are accordant. Their accordant distances is the key thatenables the aerogenerator operate stably and long life. When starting work, a littlewobble on the bracket is normal and allowable. After adjustion, fix the 9pcs screwstightly(Before fix the 9pcs screws, please adjust the distance between the 3pcs fanblades and pole., try to make their distances accordantly.) Normally, under correctinstallation, there is no need to adjust. But it will be necessary for adjustion andexamination under special condition. Please pay attention to it.  4.Generator system configuration

After you purchase our aerogenerator, you can figure out the system accordingtoyourpower demanding. But please do refer to our suggestion.

(1)the basic circuit of ESD series minitype aerogenerator system:


(2)configuration instroduction on ESD series minitype aerogeneratorsystem:Controller: Connect the wind turbine with controller before erecting pole.,and press the switch of controller and make it on OFF position. But pleasenote some of the items don’t need this switch. After erecting the pole,pleasemake sure the controller is well connect with battery, then it can be turn on.Control invertor: To those user who use AC,we suggest to use control/invertsetting of 220V(or 110V)50HZ(or 60HZ).Battery: Suggest to purchase ESD500 turbine match with 2pcs battery of60AH(or above)/12V. Battery module should be well connected with ground.Cable: Choosing wrong cable will greatly cause electricity wastage. Thediameter of cable we recommend is as following:


5.Daily maintenance

ESD series owns high reliability, and no need for periodicalmaintenance.But as to the system of wind turbine- pole- steelwire-ectricity transmit circuit, it still need to be maintain at suitabletime.(1)Check the wire on the pole to see whether it is loose. If itis, just fix it tightly. After the pole was installed whin the first threemonth, and after strong wind, this checking must be done.

(2)Check whether the clamps of the electricity transmitcircuit is fast, or acid.(3)Maintain the battery according to requirements.(4)Before severe or extremely bad weather such as typhoon,we suggest to lay down the pole to prevent unpredictable accident.(5)After operation for a period of time, it is necessary to do some checkingto the wind turbine and check whether fan blade bolt loose or not. Also, check thewhether the blades running normal or not, or whether there is abnormal noice. Ifthere is, please deal with it and repair it in time, or contact us for help.     



Ocean wind generator 1000w

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